Looking Ahead: Education Pioneers’ Next Decade


At Education Pioneers, we have a bold vision for our next decade of work: to attract, prepare and advance 10,000 top leaders, managers, and analysts to transform education into the best led and managed sector in the U.S. economy so that all students receive a high-quality education.

We wanted our brand to match that bold vision. For us, it is an exciting and timely milestone to match our ambitious goals with a refreshed brand.

To reshape our brand, we started with our people: our Fellows and Alumni.  That is, the more than 1,600 people who we've prepared to step into high-impact positions and contribute their skills and knowledge to support the important work of teachers and principals.  When we boiled it down, what we came up with is this: our Fellows and Alumni are infectious visionaries who are ready to change the world.

Then we looked at our work, and the work of our Fellows and Alumni.  Three characteristics rose to the top: our collective work is filled with momentum, ambition, and camaraderie.  In other words, we are the Talent to Transform.

Next, we added additional characteristics of our people and our work: honesty, confidence, strength, solidarity, diversity, spirit, and energy. And when we put it all together, this was the result:

We are Education Pioneers

We are Education Pioneers, and we are committed to attracting, preparing, and advancing the talent to transform our nation's education system.

We look forward to our next decade of work, and we know there's a lot more work to be done.  To effect system-wide transformation, we need thousands more top leaders and managers.

Interested in joining or supporting our efforts?  Apply to one of our selective Fellowships today; partner with us to secure top talent for your important work; or donate to Education Pioneers to help advance our vision and goals.

The Same Education Pioneers Envisioned

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