What does education mean to you?

Each year, EP cohorts around the nation leverage their diverse skill sets and their wealth of experience to explore education. Participating in small groups, EP Fellows design a project to examine or experience education issues through the critical lens of factors that impact access to high-quality education within the communities we serve.

This year, through a series of pictures, EP Fellows in Denver captured why members of their 2018 cohort choose to work in the education sector and used that as a jumping off point for further discussion. 

Their reasoning behind the project?

  • To inspire young people to consider a career in education, and

  • To celebrate and share many career pathways within education.

Each Fellow shared what education means to them in 10 words or less -- a few examples: freedom, the key to a thriving society, understanding our place in the universe, and a space for exploration.

What are your 10 words or less?


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