Why Our Work Needs Great Love

Photo Credit: BMOREtoned.com There have been plenty of nights where we have come home from work questioning why we do this work in education, or how long it might be sustainable. The fast tempo of our days pushes that question to the back of our minds. But when we have space to ponder the answer to this question, it is this: We do this work for children – with a goal to inspire their lifelong learning and self-improvement. We choose to work for our kids because we know they need us, especially those within our communities of color. Our experiences as both people of color and world travelers...

Stepping Up to the Plate: Dialogues for All

Editor’s Note: In May, Ivan Rahman wrote “ How to Engage School Staff in Dialogues in Race in Class ” about his work to jump-start conversations about race, class, and privilege in the school where he worked. In this piece, Ivan reflects on that experience, what he learned, and why talking about race, class, and privilege is a necessity for all of us working in education.' Last week, I went grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s. The week before, I went to Key Food. The difference in demographics at both places was stark. Trader Joe’s customers were predominantly white; Key Food’s, mostly black and...

We MUST Make Change, Together. Now.

This has been a heartbreaking – and infuriating – summer in America. Orlando, Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, and most recently the events in Dallas. Internally as a team, we are taking the time to support and reflect with each other. At EP, our founding belief is in the power of a network of individuals coming together for transformational change. This network can also be a source of support, strength, and action as our nation faces issues of hate, racial inequity, and injustice. We urge you to connect with each other, knowing there is so much more to do in order to make sure our students...

Celebrating Pride Month: What We’re Chattering

At EP, our team is spread across the country. One of the tools we use to connect to each other daily is Salesforce Chatter. There, we give updates on our work, ask questions of each other, and share what we’re reading. This June, to honor and celebrate LGBT Pride Month, we at EP were excited to share Pride versions of our EP logo with our network and on our social media channels. And the day before we planned to share them, the mass shooting happened at the gay club the Pulse in Orlando , and 49 innocent people were murdered. After the shooting, we came together as an organization, led by EP’...

Championing Greater Good in Education through LGBTQ Inclusion

After the recent shooting in Orlando, I talked to friends about what happened that Monday at work. It was interesting that each of our organizations had a different response. A friend in a consulting organization said they were shown a video about gun safety. Neither of us could understand how that addressed the issue of what happened in Orlando – or how it supported employees distraught by the weekend’s events. Fortunately, at EP, we created safe spaces to talk about the mass shooting at the Pulse , and shared resources to help people process the tragedy and find the support they need. On my...

Celebrating LGBT Pride Month With a Heavy Heart

EP staff worked on these EP Pride logos last week with an idea to celebrate LGBT Pride Month. After the tragic events in Florida on June 12, we now offer these logos with much more somber feelings. This week, our staff is taking time to process the mass shooting and talk about what we can do in education and throughout our communities to elevate love over hate. We welcome you to add your voice in the comments below.

What We’re Chattering: Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

At EP, our team is spread across the country. One of the tools we use to connect to each other daily is Salesforce Chatter. There, we give updates on our work, ask questions of each other, and share what we’re reading. This May, to honor Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month , we at Education Pioneers have read articles and resources that talk about the educational experiences of Asian American and Pacific Islander students. Today is the last day of May, but let’s keep the conversations going year-round. With calls to abolish the “model minority” stereotype, disaggregate AAPI student data,...

#ProofPointDay: How We Can Help Grow Next-Generation Leaders

As a volunteer leadership coach with Braven, I had the privilege of working with talented undergrads—many of whom were first-generation college students—who were eager to make their mark on the world. These students told courageous stories of what it was like to navigate college on their own. Today, on #ProofPointDay, when we celebrate all first-generation college students and graduates, I wanted to reflect on what I learned from some incredible young people.

How to Engage School Staff in Dialogues on Race and Class

EP Fellow Ivan Rahman writes, "It seems to me that we habitually let the urgency of our work—of lesson planning, grading, teaching, strategizing, and so on—harbor us from delving into critical big-picture discussions. I’m talking about the kind of discussions that force us to pause and reflect on the systemic variables that shape the lives of the youth we serve."

Reflections on Advocacy, Stereotypes, and Banding Together to Make Change: Q&A with Erica Mosca

In honor of Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month, we want to dive into the challenges and opportunities for AAPI students. Today we talk with EP Alumna Erica Mosca , founder and executive director of the nonprofit college access program Leaders in Training and a teacher in Las Vegas, Nevada.