Virtual Team Building: Boost your Team’s Morale and Connection in Under an Hour

There’s a chance that I might never have known that an Education Pioneers (EP) colleague is so good at heckling baseball players for baseballs that she once got nine baseballs in one game. Those kinds of anecdotes should come up at work—so that we can get to know our colleagues well and work better together as a result (and know who to go to baseball games with). “After pouring millions of dollars into researching how to make teams more productive, Google found that it matters more how a team interacts than who makes up that team,” says Jamie Smith, an associate in Fellowship recruitment at...

Stop Talking about Strategy and Start Working More Strategically

Does the word “strategic” get thrown around a lot in your conversations at work? Strategic planning. Strategic communications. Strategic thinking. We use “strategic” a lot. But what does it mean, really? Turns out, being strategic has everything to do with getting your nose out of your inbox, and instead looking at your work—and your organization’s work and goals—from a big-picture perspective. Then, you can see where you should be spending your time to make the biggest impact, instead of just spinning your wheels. “ Strategic people create connections between ideas, plans, and people that...

What We’re Chattering: Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

At EP, our team is spread across the country. One of the tools we use to connect to each other daily is Salesforce Chatter. There, we give updates on our work, ask questions of each other, and share what we’re reading. This May, to honor Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month , we at Education Pioneers have read articles and resources that talk about the educational experiences of Asian American and Pacific Islander students. Today is the last day of May, but let’s keep the conversations going year-round. With calls to abolish the “model minority” stereotype, disaggregate AAPI student data,...

#ProofPointDay: How We Can Help Grow Next-Generation Leaders

As a volunteer leadership coach with Braven, I had the privilege of working with talented undergrads—many of whom were first-generation college students—who were eager to make their mark on the world. These students told courageous stories of what it was like to navigate college on their own. Today, on #ProofPointDay, when we celebrate all first-generation college students and graduates, I wanted to reflect on what I learned from some incredible young people.

Reflections on Advocacy, Stereotypes, and Banding Together to Make Change: Q&A with Erica Mosca

In honor of Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month, we want to dive into the challenges and opportunities for AAPI students. Today we talk with EP Alumna Erica Mosca , founder and executive director of the nonprofit college access program Leaders in Training and a teacher in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Three Unexpected Ways to Make Meetings the Best Thing for Your Career

A couple of months ago, I had a great—and nerve-wracking—professional opportunity. I stood in front of a group of 40 people I’d never met and led them through a working session about diversity, equity, and inclusion. The work and the topic were high-stakes, to say the least. In that moment, I was tasked to bring all that I’d learned in the last six months to fruition. Plus, leading the development of those 40 professionals was key for my organization, Education Pioneers, as that is what we do . So I was particularly attuned to getting it right. In that heightened state of attention, I learned...

Listen to the Thing: How to Find True Transformation in Education

Feedback gets a good rap. We know we’re supposed to give it, and it’s claimed to be a ticket to becoming a great manager. At EP, we celebrate “saying the thing” as an important mantra that gives us responsibility to speak candidly because we believe feedback is critical to advancing our work. But to me, saying the thing is only half the equation. What happens after?