Take Down the Confederate Flag and Rebuild America’s Schools

Rebuild Americas Schools
Like so many of us, I celebrate the Confederate flag being removed everywhere it’s found – from capitol buildings to retail stores. For me and for millions of people in our country, it is a symbol of hatred, oppression, and racism that should have been removed a long time ago. While it’s an important symbolic movement to remove the flag, it’s not nearly enough.

Entering Education Field Can Prove an Exciting Path

Most of the graduates of the class of 2015 have yet to settle into their first job out of college, but they're entering the workforce at an interesting time. With a recovering economy and ever-changing technology, they have options for work and jobs that didn't exist only a few years back. A few years from now, there will be even more. My question is: what legacy will they leave?

Who "Needs" A College Education? As Many People as Possible

My own family tree includes a great-grandmother who was not permitted to learn to read. Her family didn’t think it was necessary. She learned anyway by sneaking away to hide outside of her brothers’ school in rural Lebanon and spying through the window. I think of her every time I read something beautiful.

From Contributor To Leader: 3 Common Challenges New Managers Face

EP Alumna
Moving from individual contributor to first-time people manager is a big jump. In fact, it’s the most difficult transition you’ll face in your entire professional career. But making the leap successfully pays off. The people who get it right can contribute two to three times more than those who don’t. Talk about social impact.

Vulnerability: Choosing Courage over Comfort

EP Fellows
On the heels of hearing researcher and author Brené Brown at this year’s NewSchools Venture Fund Summit, Education Pioneers CEO Scott Morgan and I have been talking with our leadership team about vulnerability and its relationship to leadership and courage, one of Education Pioneers’ core values. Ms. Brown’s engaging talk helped me and others think more deeply about how transformation—at an individual or systemic level -- is an intensely human process, involving the head AND the heart.

Reflections on Baltimore and Beyond

Reflections on Baltimore and Beyond
In the history of our country, there have been far too many tragic deaths like Freddie Gray’s. And Eric Garner’s. And Michael Brown’s. And Trayvon Martin’s. And Walter Scott’s. And Oscar Grant’s. It is heart wrenching to see the terrible toll of systemic injustice that continues to plague our nation and decimate low-income communities of color.

5 Critical Questions for a Powerful, Meaningful Career in Education

EP Alum working in education
For the past seven years, I’ve had the privilege of supporting hundreds of Education Pioneers leaders to find powerful, meaningful careers across the education sector in school districts, charter school organizations, nonprofits, education venture capital organizations, and more. As I’ve counseled people, some have had a clear sense of where they wanted to work. Others simply knew they wanted to make a difference in the lives of students but weren’t sure where or how best to do that.

Leadership, Leverage, and Lou Holtz: Lessons from ASU+GSV

Scott Morgan ASU+GSV lessons
At the ASU+GSV Summit 2015 last week, GSV co-founder and chief investment officer Michael Moe shared a powerful lesson about coaching trees with a roomful of educators and edtech leaders. Just a few months ago, the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks battled in Super Bowl XLIX a few miles from where we sat. Few realized that the teams’ head coaches, Bill Belichick and Pete Carroll, both apprenticed under the legendary Lou Holtz. Moe’s point was that great leaders don’t just rack up wins and championships for their own teams. They develop other leaders who generate wins and who, in turn, develop other winning leaders. Leaders create leverage .