Taking the Leap to Kansas City

I remember distinctly the moment when I saw that I’d been assigned to an Education Pioneers Fellowship project in Kansas City . Honestly, I had mixed feelings. The project was exactly what I wanted, but I was also apprehensive about spending my summer in Kansas City (KC). In retrospect, I was about to embark on some of the most inspiring work I’d ever done, but I didn’t know it at that time. On June 1, I landed in KC with a lot of doubts. I didn’t know a single soul in the city or where I was going to live. Fortunately, I had a colleague at PREP-KC , a nonprofit organization where I would be...

3 Reasons Why You Should Take the Leap and Apply to the EP Fellowship

As an EP Fellow, I had an incredibly transformational experience. Choosing the EP Fellowship was the right choice because it gave me a chance to turn my firmly-held beliefs about fairness and opportunity into a career. If you’re considering taking the leap -- and considering a new city to make an impact -- here’s why I think you should.

Vote EPic and Help Recognize Remarkable Education Leaders

What a great day. Today, Education Pioneers announced 27 remarkable Education Pioneers Alumni who are being considered for EPic Alumni and the Scott Morgan Award recognition -- including $15,000 in awards to advance their leadership or their organization. Like so many of the 3,000+ Pioneers in our network, these leaders work every day to change outcomes and opportunities for underserved students, and to bring equity to public education. We’re thrilled to introduce them to you and to showcase their work. And today, we opened public review of and voting for our 27 EPic candidates ! Between now...

How to Engage School Staff in Dialogues on Race and Class

EP Fellow Ivan Rahman writes, "It seems to me that we habitually let the urgency of our work—of lesson planning, grading, teaching, strategizing, and so on—harbor us from delving into critical big-picture discussions. I’m talking about the kind of discussions that force us to pause and reflect on the systemic variables that shape the lives of the youth we serve."

Teachers are not Analysts: Re-Thinking our Expectations of the Data-Focused Teacher Generation

It would be unreasonable to ask our doctor to fix our leaking faucet, or to expect our accountant to settle our legal disputes. We don’t because doctors, lawyers, and accountants are experts in their respective fields, and the idea of asking them to be something that they are not is ludicrous. The same logic applies to those in the education profession.

Alumni Rock Star Round-Up: From Social Venture to Community Organizations, Pioneers are Reimagining Public Education

At EP, we’re always impressed by our Pioneers. The work they do, their commitment and dedication to changing outcomes for underserved students—that’s the stuff that keeps us at EP doing the work we do to help support and grow their careers.

Human Capital in Education: Best Practices for Hiring Right, Retaining Staff, and Finding Balance and Success

Jacqueline Greer (2006 EP Fellow) has built an impressive career in education. Now serving as the Executive Director, DC for Urban Teachers , Jacqueline’s expertise in human capital has enabled her to lead a team that has supported over 300 teachers who reach over 9,300 students in 53 Washington, DC schools. In this Q&A she shares her insights on human capital in education.

Pioneer Profile: Christie Imholt

In this Pioneer Profile with Christie Imholt (Program Manager, Teacher Leadership & Career Pathways at Denver Public Schools and 2015 EP Fellow, Denver), she talks about why the leaders who inspire her most have both an aspirational vision and a strategy to realize it; what it was like to be in the room with President Obama and hear him talk about education and work she contributed to; and why teaching—which requires an exceptional level of knowledge and skill—should be a profession to aspire to.