Impact Fellowship Onboarding

Now that you're a Finalist, you enter into the Onboarding process to be considered for potential placements in select cities nationwide. Within the Onboarding process, the goal is to find the best fit project where we believe you can make a big impact. The Onboarding process consists of several important steps including:

  • Create a Finalist Profile. You'll complete a matching survey and also have the chance to engage with a Case Activity and produce a Work Sample to be included in your profile that we share with Partners. 
  • Matching. We match you based on your skillset, your experience, and the needs of our Partners. 
  • Interviewing. You interview with matched organizations and explore the fit. 
  • Placement Offer Extension & Acceptance. You receive and accept an offer from a Partner organization. 
  • Preparing for your placement start date and launch of Fellowship programming. 

We provide support to Finalists and Partners throughout the interview and offer process. The majority of our placements will be in the priority skill areas where Pioneers can have a tremendous impact: data and analysis and project management. 

You must secure a placement at a Partner organization to be confirmed as a Fellow – and that’s when your experience as a Pioneer truly begins! 

Impact Fellowship Onboarding happens in three rounds, aligned with EP’s priority and final admissions rounds

Candidates who apply by the priority round deadline may receive placement confirmations in August. Those who apply during the final round may receive placement confirmations in September. Candidates who apply and do not receive a confirmed placement in the first two rounds of Onboarding are eligible for the third and final round of Onboarding with placement confirmations starting in October. 

Please note, while we work hard to find and confirm placements for all Finalists, not every Finalist will receive a placement.

Additional details on the Onboarding process will be shared with Finalists as they progress in our process. For the most up to date info regarding Onboarding, please refer to the EP Applicant Center. 

Onboarding for the Impact Fellowship happens on fixed timelines

2023 ROUND 1

You applied by 5/2

2023 ROUND 2

You applied by 6/13

2023 ROUND 3

You applied previously

Build Matching Profile

  • After receiving your finalist notification, build and confirm your matching profile
  • Update and share your preferences on potential placement locations
  • Update your resume if necessary
  • Complete a Case Study and create a Work Sample


Potential matches are shared in early July Potential matches are shared in mid-August Potential matches are shared in mid-September
  • Learn if you've been matched to projects submitted by our Partner organizations
  • EP considers you for roles based on your experience, preferences, and most importantly, Partner needs


Round 1 Interviews with matched Partners happen from mid to late-July Round 2 Interviews with matched Partners happen from mid to late-August Round 3 Interviews with matched Partners happen from mid-September to early October
  • Interview directly with all Partners with whom you’ve matched
  • Learn more about the organization and project from your potential supervisor
  • Share why the project could be a good fit for you
  • Multiple finalists may interview for the same potential placement
  • Give EP feedback and your project preferences after your interviews
  • Partners give us similar feedback and their finalist preferences

Receive Placement Offer and Become an EP Fellow

Round 1 Placement Offers are extended by partners on 7/26 Round 2 Placement Offers are extended by partners on 8/30 Round 3 Placement Offers are extended by partners on 10/4
  • Partners make placement offers directly to candidates 
  • You become a Fellow once you accept your offer and your placement is confirmed
  • We conduct three rounds of Onboarding; if you don’t receive a confirmed placement in an Onboarding round, you can be considered for subsequent rounds 
  • Not every Finalist will become a Fellow
Round 1 Deadline for Finalists to Accept a Placement Offer is 7/31 Round 2 Deadline for Finalists to Accept a Placement Offer is 9/5 Round 3 Deadline for Finalists to Accept a Placement Offer is 10/9
Placements Start

Monday, 9/25/2023

Monday, 10/23/2023


Questions about our processes and policies? Read our FAQs