Impact Fellowship Matching & Placement

Our matching and placement process finds the right project for you as an EP Impact Fellow.

Now that you're a finalist, you enter into our matching and placement process to be considered for potential placements nationwide. We look at a blend of your professional and academic experiences, as well as the skills our 200+ Partner organizations need to move their work forward, when we identify any potential projects and roles for you.

Our goal is match you with opportunities where we think you can make a big impact on behalf of underserved students. We support you and our Partners to connect, interview, and confirm placements. The majority of our placements will be in the priority areas where Pioneers can have a tremendous impact: data and analysis and project management. 

You must secure a placement at a Partner organization to be confirmed as a Fellow– and that’s when your experience as a Pioneer truly begins! 

Impact Fellowship matching and placement happens in two cycles, aligned with EP’s priority and final rounds

Candidates who apply during the priority round may receive placement confirmations between July - September; those who apply during the final round may receive placement confirmations between August - September. While confirmations happen on this timeline, your official first day at your partner organization will be determined between you and your Partner to accommodate needs on both sides.

Please note, while we work hard to find and confirm placements for all finalists, not every finalist will receive a placement.

Build Matching Profile

  • After receiving your finalist notification, build your matching profile
  • Share your preferences on potential placement locations
  • Update your resume if necessary


  • Find out about any potential matches for placement with a Partner organization
  • EP considers you for roles based on your experience, preferences, and most importantly, Partner needs


  • Interview directly with the Partners with whom you’ve matched
  • Engage in follow-up interviews or hiring activities, as needed
  • Share feedback with EP about your interest in the role
  • Multiple finalists may interview for the same potential role


  • EP confirms your placement based on where you’d like work and who our Partners want to hire
  • You become a Fellow once your placement is confirmed and you accept your offer.
  • You and the Partner agree on a mutually beneficial start date
  • We conduct two rounds of placement; if you don’t receive a confirmed placement in the priority round, you can be considered for final round.


Questions about our processes and policies? Read our FAQs