"The Fellowship helped me bring my skills and passion together to expand educational opportunities for all students."

The child of immigrant parents, Gabrielle Ramos had to learn how to navigate the intricacies of the American education system alone. Gaby not only survived but thrived and went on to earn her bachelor’s from Columbia University. Wanting to pay it forward for students with similar backgrounds, she joined Teach For America after college. But after two years teaching middle school special education in East Harlem, she still wasn’t sure if teaching was right for her.

To diversify her experience, Gaby transitioned to the finance sector full-time and developed expertise in business and marketing strategy as an analyst in Barclays’ prime services division. “Working in finance enhanced my skill set,” she admits, “but I realized that my calling was to work in education reform.”

When Gaby discovered Education Pioneers as a graduate student at Harvard’s Kennedy School, she leapt at the opportunity to combine her corporate experience with her commitment to students.

“The Fellowship helped me bring my skills and passion together to expand educational opportunities for all students,” Gaby says.

  • Academics
  • Finance & Budgeting
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Strategy & Planning

As a Fellow at Chelsea Public Schools north of Boston, Gaby ensured the district had critical support from teachers, parents, and other community members to advance critical initiatives and improve instruction for its 5,000+ students.

Working closely with internal and external stakeholders, Gaby created a three-year branding, marketing, and communications strategy to ensure the district gained stakeholder buy-in. This included auditing existing systems and developing the right messaging for the district’s vision for students. Gaby’s plan raised stakeholder awareness of Chelsea Public Schools’ mission, values, and successes, which ultimately deepened support and laid the foundation for the district to achieve its goals.

Today, Gaby continues to use her classroom and private sector experience to serve as a “hybrid” education leader. As a Broad Resident, she served as Executive Director of Student Enrollment at Newark Public Schools, a district with a student population of 38,000+. Today she serves as the First Deputy, Office of Student Enrollment at New York City Department of Education.