Thank you for your interest in partnering with Education Pioneers! We appreciate your commitment to building a pipeline of talented professionals eager to contribute to your organization and the education sector at-large.  

Placement applications are currently closed for our Summer Fellowship and Impact Fellowship. See below for the anticipated timeline for partnerships in the coming months. Questions or want to express interest? Email us at


Engage with EP

Review information about our Fellowships, and connect with an EP staff member about your talent needs. We’ll share more about expectations for the process.

Summer Fellowship: Starting in January 2022
Impact Fellowship: Starting in February/March 2022



Submit Placement Application

If you decide an EP Fellow is right for you, we’ll share a formal placement application that will define the scope of work for your Fellow. 

Summer Fellowship: Starting in February 2022
Impact Fellowship: Starting in March 2022


Meet Matches

Receive information about and interview potential Fellows who meet your needs.  

Summer Fellowship: March-April 2022
Impact Fellowship: Starting in July 2022



Fellow Starts

Once you’ve made an offer and your candidate accepts, your new EP Fellow will start on a mutually-agreed upon start date. 

Summer Fellowship: June 2022
Impact Fellowship: August-October 2022