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James Hilton Harrell

Chief Human Capital Officer for San Antonio Independent School District, 2013 EP Fellow

What led you to apply to EP?
Following graduate school, I wanted to have a structured entry point into central office work at a District. I appreciated the opportunity to be immersed in the work, while simultaneously pulling back to learn. District life moves quickly and having structured reflection points to learn is powerful.

What projects or initiatives did you undertake as a Fellow?
As a Fellow, I evaluated three concurrent teacher evaluation pilots. From those pilots, we designed, implemented, bargained, and scaled a homegrown teacher evaluation. I’ve been working in human capital management and adult development for the decade that followed.

How did EP shape your leadership growth and/or professional trajectory?
EP was catalytic for my career. I had high-level access to senior leaders and did incredibly meaningful systems work while taking a learning stance. My work in Oakland was foundational for my career and shaped the contours of my leadership.

What were some key learnings or takeaways from your Fellowship experience?
Your professional network is also your friend group. One of my best friends and former roommates was in my EP Fellowship year. Ten years later, we are still doing meaningful work and supporting one another.

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