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After completing their Fellowship, EP Fellows join our vibrant Alumni network made up of more than 4,600 connected changemakers at every level of educational leadership. This diverse and dynamic community fosters collective impact, harnessing a wealth of knowledge, experiences, and perspectives to disrupt inequitable and racist systems in education on a national scale. Together, Fellows and Alumni drive meaningful change and work towards creating a more just and equitable future for all students. 

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Become an active member of our growing network in partnership with Alumni from throughout our 20-year history. Together, we can amplify proven solutions, bring innovative ideas and best practices to the sector, and mobilize collective efforts to drive transformative change in education. Connect with like-minded colleagues, multiply your impact by hosting or referring a Fellow, contribute to local change through Alumni boards, and strengthen your own career while shaping the future of education.

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Help us find, develop, and support adaptive, inclusive leaders for the public education sector.

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Wherever you are on your leadership journey, there are ways to engage! Check out these resources for networking and ongoing professional growth.

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Our Alumni are driving systems change and continuously innovating, working with schools and communities toward educational equity. Check out their stories, experiences, and insights.

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If you’re an EP Alumni, you’re already a part of our community. Stay updated on opportunities to engage.