Introducing EP’s Change Agents: Meet our 2023-2024 Impact Fellows

Six months ago, 36 diverse leaders took leaps in their careers to apply their time and talents to important issues facing public education. We’re excited to elevate their stories and their contributions to 28 mission-driven organizations across seven regions: Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Memphis, New York City, the San Francisco Bay Area, and Washington, D.C.

Education Pioneers (EP) Impact Fellows serve as early career data analysts and strategic project managers at school districts, charter networks, state education agencies, and K-12 supporting organizations. Over a 10-month period, Fellows lead critical projects, catalyzing immediate impact within these organizations. They engage in cohort-based learning experiences, designed to cultivate inclusive and adaptive leadership practices. Through their Fellowship, they forge lifelong professional connections and build their careers in public education—a field increasingly in need of leadership talent proficient in data, analytics, strategy, and operations.

We’re committed to developing leaders who represent the communities that we serve, and we’re proud to report that 75% of our 2023-2024 Impact Fellows identify as people of color. Additionally, 51% bring private sector experience and 25% are brand new to the education sector.

One of our EP Impact Fellows, Terrye Davis, is applying her skills at New York City Public Schools. In her words, “I have been reminded that everyone has a role in the social change ecosystem to make a collective impact towards fighting against systemic inequities. In my role, working intimately with data has allowed me to better narrate the story it tells and make it more accessible to other partners and decision makers.” Terrye continued, “by highlighting and elevating what is of most importance from the data, I see that I am actively ensuring data is being used to disrupt our inequitable systems and make impact – which isn’t direct, but dynamic.”

EP has served as a unique and important talent pipeline for individuals like Terrye to the education sector for twenty years. To date we have mobilized more than 4,600 diverse leaders from backgrounds both in and outside of education. Seventy-percent of our Alumni remain in education today, supporting vital system-wide change.

We are thrilled to welcome these change agents into our nationwide network of leaders and look forward to celebrating their work and impact through their Fellowship—and in their careers in the years to come.  

If you would like to host a Fellow or would like more information on how to apply for our Fellowships, please reach out to us at