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Apply your skills to shape education.

Embark on a transformative journey in educational leadership with our 10-month Impact Fellowship. This Fellowship is designed for rising leaders with 3-5 years of professional experience who are interested in pursuing non-instructional careers in education, providing an opportunity to lead long-term, systems-level projects in school districts, charter schools, government education agencies, or nonprofit organizations. Join a vibrant community of diverse peers, forge lasting connections, and gain invaluable exposure to critical issues and policies that accelerate a lasting and impactful career in education.

The Fellowship Experience

Advance Meaningful Work.

Make an immediate impact by applying your strategic management and/or data analytics skills to strategic initiatives in education with the support of EP and the partner organization.

Grow Your Leadership.

Through on-the-job learning, in-person convenings, site visits, and communities of practice, Fellows receive valuable leadership development and mentoring from experienced education professionals and EP Alums.

Build Community.

Gain lasting personal and professional connections through a nationwide network of 4,600+ diverse peers.

Explore the Impact Fellowship

  • Fellows lead long-term initiatives that fall primarily within four priority areas: project management, data and analysis, operations, and strategy.
  • Fellows will live and work in one of our primary geographic regions:
    • Washington, DC
    • Chicago, IL
    • San Francisco Bay Area, CA
    • Texas
      • Dallas/Ft. Worth
      • Houston
      • Austin
      • San Antonio/Central TX
    • New York City, NY
  • Impact Fellows receive a $58,000 stipend over 10 months.
The 2024 impact fellowship application is now open.

Examples of the Work You’ll Do

Good Reason Houston, Project Management

Chicago Public Schools, Operations Fellow

DC Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE), Project Management

KIPP NYC, Data Systems

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Application Timeline


 March 5, 2024
Impact Fellowship application opens.


Summer 2024 
Extended Round Deadline: 7/16 


Summer 2024
Interviews completed. Onboarding begins.


Fall 2024
Placements and programming begin.

Impact Fellowship Application & Selection Process

Impact Fellowship applicants must be new to this Fellowship and available to complete the full program in person in one of our target cities. They should hold a bachelor’s degree and have at least two years of full-time professional work experience. It is essential that applicants have authorization to work in the US on a full-time basis, with international students eligible if they do not require visa assistance. Above all, candidates should demonstrate a strong commitment to EP’s mission along with a passion for public education.

To prepare a strong application, candidates should focus on highlighting their demonstrated professional experience, leadership skills, commitment to education, and the unique perspective that they bring. One crucial aspect of the application is the resume, which should effectively showcase work achievements and skills to your potential partner organization. We encourage you to review our candidate resources, including resume examples (instructional experience / non-instructional experience) and our “Guide to a Great Resume” to help you prepare your application.

Our matching and placement process plays a crucial role in ensuring the right fit between Fellows and partner organizations. After submitting an application, candidates are carefully evaluated based on their qualifications, including demonstrated professional experience, leadership skills, and commitment to education. Once selected as finalists, candidates are matched with partner organizations, considering their skills and preferences. The final step involves the placement process, where Fellows are matched and placed with projects that align with their interests and goals. Throughout this process, EP provides support and guidance to both Fellows and partner organizations to ensure a successful and fulfilling experience for all involved.

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Onboarding Timeline


Build Matching Profile and Complete Pre-Matching Survey


Receive Matches from EP


Interviews with Matched Partners


Receive & Accept Extended Placement Offers

Questions? We’ve got answers.

International students are eligible to apply if authorized to work in the US without visa assistance; international visas cannot be sponsored. Applicants who have CPT/OPT are eligible. Current visa holders are eligible if allowed to work during the entire placement. Note that applicants may only receive two weeks notice before starting their position.

You do not need a graduate degree to be eligible to apply.

Yes, as long as you are authorized to work in the US, meet our current eligibility requirements, and have experience in our priority areas of project/program management, data and analytics, operations, and strategy. Note that the Summer Fellowship has two admissions rounds and candidates not advancing in the priority round cannot apply again for the final round of admissions.

While you can apply to both, be aware that you would have to participate in and complete two different admissions processes. We strongly encourage you to review the two Fellowships and choose the one that is the best fit for you. 

After you submit your application, you’ll receive a confirmation and follow-up email that explains the next steps in the process. You can also check the status of your application and continue to find important resources in the Applicant Center.

We require two references as part of your admissions file provided with your initial application or anytime before you complete your in-depth interview. If we decide to contact your references, we will do so after the in-depth interview stage of our selection process and candidates will be notified a minimum of 72 hours in advance of your references being contacted.

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