9 Resources to Read that Paint the Picture of the Education Sector Right Now

Our work in education on behalf of 50 million young people has never mattered more. Here are nine resources to check out and get up to speed:

  1. Education Pioneers: Can’t Miss Summer Reads for the Social Justice Minded (with more resources!)

  2. Education Week: Advocacy Groups Urge DeVos to Rethink Approach to Civil Rights

  3. Washington Post: Trump orders study of federal role in education

  4. The Atlantic: The New Champions of School Integration

  5. The 74 Million: More HS Students Are Graduating, but These Key Indicators Prove Those Diplomas Are Worth Less Than Ever

  6. The New York Times:Have We Lost Sight of the Promise of Public Schools?

  7. Education Pioneers: Four Ways to Help Bend the Moral Arc of the Universe toward Justice

  8. The 74 Million: DeVos Looks to Reassure, Pledging ‘Students Come First’ in First Speech to Ed Dept

  9. Medium: Dear Mr. President: Don’t Deport American DREAMers

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