Ace Your Impact Fellowship Application [Infographic]

EP is looking for 40+ diverse data analysts and strategic project managers to serve the education sector during the 2021-2022 academic year as school systems across the nation embark on important learning recovery intiatives. The Impact Fellowship is an opportunity for aspiring changemakers to grow as a leader with the powerful combination of a 10-month work placement that advances educational equity, alongside cohort-based learning and leadership development.

Are you interested? To help you put your best foot forward, here are five ways (and multiple resources) to help you ace your application. Be sure to use all the real estate you’ve got in your application to make the strongest case for your candidacy!

Apply Now!See the five ways to ace your Impact Fellowship app one more time via this video:

Eric Ortlip is the Senior Manager, Talent for Education Pioneers. Eric joined Education Pioneers with the belief that providing equitable access to quality education opportunities for all children is one of the key challenges the US faces in the 21st century.