Charlottesville: Sharing Resources and Reflections

Dear EP Fellows, Alumni, and Friends, 

The brazen acts of hatred, bigotry, and violence by white supremacists in Charlottesville last weekend disgusted me personally, and were a horrific reminder of how much work we must do to break down the systems and structures in our nation that perpetuate inequality, inequity, and racism.

Education Pioneers, and each of us individually, has a role to play in actively dismantling institutional and structural racism. As an organization, our mission is to recruit and develop a diverse network of exceptional leaders who work to build systems of great schools and organizations that are part of building a more inclusive, just, and equitable future for all. You are those leaders, and I am proud to be your colleague in this all-important work.

I know that many of us are struggling with what to do now. During difficult times, I believe it is especially important to live EP’s core values (including courage, action, and transformation) and commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. I’ve seen this and the significance of staying people focused from my EP colleagues before and after the events in Charlottesville. Through EP team meetings and staff affinity groups such as EP’s Staff of Color, EP Pride, and Aspiring White Allies for Racial Equity (AWARE), we are opening up dialogue, holding space for each other, and providing support and forums for action and accountability at the individual and organizational levels.

Below are some resources that members of our team pulled together that we hope may be helpful for leaders in our network. I’d also like to invite you to share your own resources via the comments section below or on other platforms where you connect with your fellow Pioneers. In this moment, as in most, we are better, stronger, and smarter together. Let us rise to the occasion in meeting our moral responsibility to advance justice and peace in our nation.    

In partnership,

Scott Morgan
Founder & CEO


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By Scott Morgan, August 18, 2017