Anna Shea

Fellowship Year: 2022-2023 Impact Fellow
Fellowship Location: New York, NY
Fellowship Placement: Public Prep Charter School Network

What I did before EP:
Prior to becoming my Fellowship, I was a middle school science teacher in Miami, Florida for three years. As a teacher, I used project management and data analysis skills daily when planning curriculum and analyzing my students’ performance data. I also utilized my communication skills to relay information effectively to my students. Now in my role as a Talent Operations Manager with my placement organization, Public Prep Charter School Network, I rely heavily on these skill sets within my workstreams.

What I did during the Fellowship:
As the Talent Operations Manager with Public Prep Network, I am responsible for employee onboarding/offboarding, managing our Human Resource Information System (HRIS), and pulling relevant data for school and network leadership.

A major project that I’ve worked on during my fellowship has been auditing and updating our HRIS. Through cleaning up the HRIS, I found discrepancies in the employee personnel data that were leading to inaccurate HR and finance reports. To rectify this, I redesigned a convention guide to ensure consistent employee data across teams and mitigate errors in the HRIS.

What I learned from the Fellowship:
In addition to the technical skills that I’ve learned while on the job at my placement organization, I’ve gained leadership and systems-change development through our cohort convenings and my community of practice. From receiving leadership advice from expert panelists at our convenings to troubleshooting obstacles with my peers in our communities of practice, these spaces have helped me to reflect on how the work that I complete day-to-day with my placement organization fits into the broader picture of achieving educational equity and creating long-lasting impact in my community.