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Ash Solar

Partner, Bay Ed Fund, EP Alumnus

Ash is a co-founder and partner at the Bay Ed Fund. Ash has dedicated his entire career to the pursuit of equity through public education. His family’s multi-generational journey and the sum of his professional experiences have brought him to the Bay Ed Fund because he believes deeply that the students, families, and educators closest to the biggest challenges must have power in setting the vision and direction to address them. 

He began his career as an elementary bilingual education teacher in Houston, where he grew up. He’s served in leadership roles in schools, districts, state departments of education, advocacy organizations, and in philanthropy. Through all these experiences, he’s seen firsthand the impact new talent can have on an organization- and in many of his roles has benefited greatly from Education Pioneers joining his organizations. Therefore, Ash recognizes that for the most ambitious education visions of students and families to be realized, education organizations must have access to the talent and leadership made available through critical partners like Education Pioneers.

Ash holds a BA in History from Dartmouth College, as well as an MBA and Masters in Education from Stanford University. In addition to being a proud Education Pioneers Alumni, Ash has also learned a lot from experiences as a Teach For America corps member, Broad Resident, and Pahara Fellow.

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