Press Release October 8, 2014

Revamped website to build on over 1 million hours of critical human capital capacity supplied to leading education organizations

EP in the News September 22, 2014

Isabel Morales, a 2013 EP Graduate School Fellow in Los Angeles, was one of just 16 teachers in all of Los Angeles County nominated for the 2014 "...

EP in the News August 8, 2014

Fellow Vivy Chao (GSF Los Angeles 2014) came to Education Pioneers looking for a mentor and left as a member of EP's extensive network of...

EP in the News August 7, 2014

EP Fellow Kat O'Neil (GSF Bay Area 2014) shares her fellowship experience, discussing the importance of bringing business and leadership skills to...

EP in the News July 29, 2014

Getting Smart identifies Washington D.C.

EP in the News July 28, 2014

2014 Fellow Vanessa Monterosa blogs about her EP experience in Los Angeles and "falling" for the K-12 education sector.