Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) is building America’s first Full-Service Community School District, one in which every one of the district’s 37,000 students – 71% of whom are eligible for free or reduced lunch and 30% of whom are English Language Learners – thrives in school and in life. In OUSD’s strategic vision, each of the district’s 86 school sites offers high levels of learning along with a full spectrum of wraparound supports, including physical and mental health services, nutrition, physical education, recreation, before-school and afterschool programs, housing, employment, parenting and language acquisition courses, and a range of other programs.

OUSD's services and performance have been steadily improving in recent years, and the district has taken on national leadership roles in movements around social and emotional learning, STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) fields, Common Core implementation, and the fight against the achievement gap. Three high-performing schools in OUSD have been recognized as California Distinguished Schools.

Our Impact

More than 75 Education Pioneers have worked with OUSD since the beginning of our partnership in 2005. Our leaders have:

  • Implemented new technology in OUSD's human resources department to better maintain staff data and answer strategic questions about the district's employees.
  • Established policies and systems to facilitate cross-sector partnerships for the Family, School & Community Partnerships department, helping meet the needs of students inside and outside of school. 
  • Led analysis and planning for OUSD's Community School Strategic Site Plan, creating a new roadmap and leadership infrastructure to ensure that community schools meet compliance requirements and leverage data to serve their students.
  • And more.