Schoolzilla is a cloud-based data management and visualization platform for education practitioners currently used across 500 schools and school systems in 10 states, including Green Dot Public Schools, Tennessee Achievement School District, Summit Public Schools, High Tech High, and Oakland Unified School District. Schoolzilla turns operational and achievement data into actionable, interactive reports by pulling in data from a range of sources and systems. Modeled after those used by leading educational organizations, the reports are designed to help teachers, principals, and other education professionals make decisions that increase students' success in school.

Founded in 2009, Schoolzilla spent its first five years as part of Aspire Public Schools – one of the nation’s top performing school systems serving low-income students. After receiving requests to share its practices and technology, Schoolzilla became an independent, mission-driven organization in 2013 and has since helped teachers, leaders, and data analysts leverage critical data to save time and gain critical insight on operations and achievement.

Our Impact

Schoolzilla has hosted five Education Pioneers since 2013 to do important work. They:

  • Enabled Schoolzilla to easily visualize and utilize student achievement and teacher effectiveness information, helping to bring data warehousing, analytics and reporting solutions to K-12 classrooms. 
  • And more.