Summer Fellowship Onboarding

Our Onboarding process finds the right project for you to make an impact as an EP Fellow.

Once you complete the admissions process and become a finalist, you will enter into our Onboarding process to be considered for potential placements. We look at a blend of your professional and academic experiences, as well as the skills our Partner organizations need to move their work forward when we identify any potential projects and roles for you.

Our goal is to match you with opportunities where we think you can make a big impact on behalf of underserved students. We support you and our Partners to connect, interview, and confirm placements.

The majority of our placements will be in the priority areas where Pioneers can have a tremendous impact: data and analysis, operations, strategy and planning, and program and project management. 

You must secure a placement at a Partner organization to be confirmed as a Fellow– and that’s when your experience as a Pioneer truly begins! 


Onboarding for the EP Summer Fellowship happens on fixed timelines. 



You applied by December 21, 2021


You applied by February 1, 2022


Build Matching Profile

Your matching profile, including your pre-matching survey, is due in mid-February 

Your matching profile, including your pre-matching survey, is due in early March

  • Share your preferences on potential placement locations, org type, etc.
  • Update your resume if necessary 

Receive Matches

Potential matches are shared in early March

Potential matches are shared in early March

  • Find out whether you've been matched to any placement opportunities
  • EP considers you for opportunities based on your experience, preferences, and Partner needs
  • We typically conduct two rounds of Onboarding


Round 1 Interviews with matched Partners happen from mid-March to early April.

Round 2 Interviews with matched Partners happen from late April to early May.

  • Interview directly with all Partners with whom you’ve matched
  • Learn more about the organization and project from your potential supervisor
  • Share why the project could be a good fit for you
  • Multiple finalists may interview for the same potential placement
  • Give EP feedback and your project preferences after your interviews
  • Partners give us similar feedback and their finalist preferences

Receive Placement Offer and Become an EP Fellow

Round 1 Placement Offers are made in early April. Round 2 Placement Offers are made in mid-May. 
  • Partners make placement offers directly to candidates 
  • You become a Fellow once you accept your offer and your placement is confirmed by you and the Partner
  • EP supports Fellows and Partners in subsequent steps to ensure all compliance and logistical steps are taken to ensure Placements start in early June

* For more specific dates or other questions you may have as a finalist, please connect with your EP point of contact.


Questions about our processes and policies? Read our FAQs