Aspire Public Schools is a national nonprofit charter management organization that prepares its students to become college-bound and college-ready. Focusing on low income, urban communities, Aspire delivers a rigorous "College for Certain" education to all students in its K-12 system. Along with increasing the performance of underserved students, Aspire Public Schools aims to develop effective teachers, share successful practices with other forward-thinking educators, and catalyze change in public schools.

Aspire Public Schools operates high performing, open-enrollment public charter schools across California and in Memphis, Tennessee. In a six-year period, the organization grew from 21 schools with 6,000 students to its current status of 37 schools serving 13,000 students. The orgnization plans to continue that growth trajectory by opening up to four new schools each year. Its college-oriented curriculum is now widely used as a model across the country. 

Our Impact

Aspire is one of Education Pioneers' longest-standing partners, and our talent has supported crucial functions across a variety of teams. 30 Fellows have served Aspire, in which they have:

  • Spearheaded the development of resources aimed to support Aspire educators by leading a team of 30 teachers to develop curricular guides across all grades to ensure high-quality instruction for Aspire students.
  • Designed a pilot informal teacher observation system, employing data and technology in the evaluation process to help teachers and administrators improve teaching strategies.
  • Consulted with the Chief Financial Officer to improve administrative efficiency and minimize overhead costs during a crucial period of growth.
  • Designed an organization-wide calendar by evaluating multiple software products and conducting a pilot to improve communication and planning among Aspire teams.
  • And more.