The California Charter School Association (CCSA) is driven to dramatically increase the number of students attending quality charter schools in California. To achieve this goal, CCSA works to secure policy wins that are supportive of charter schools and provides the support school leaders need to open and expand excellent charter schools across the state.

With 484,000 students in 1,063 charter schools, California now boasts the largest concentration of innovative and academically successful charters in the nation. The California Charter School Association has helped make that possible by building a climate in which more new schools open than ever before, working with the California legislature to secure hundreds of millions of dollars in grant funding, and launching the nation’s first Certified Charter Schools Program, which has nearly 500 schools participating.

Our Impact

Fourty Education Pioneers leaders have helped shape CCSA's work with charter schools across California. They: 

  • Built a financial model to calculate a school’s potential return-on-investment, ensuring that charter schools utilize their resources effectively and providing quality facilities for their students. 
  • Built a replication toolkit for charter schools to safeguard quality as they transition from a single school to a network of schools, allowing for the creation of more high-quality charter schools across CCSA. 
  • Created a database and quantitative research report that evaluated and informed data collection procedures used by CCSA to support and advocate for California’s charter schools. 
  • And more.