The mission of Seeding Success is to ensure that every child in Memphis and Shelby County, Tennessee – an area that includes nearly 1 million residents – graduates high school prepared for college, career, and success in life.

To realize their vision, Seeding Success partners with local K-12 institutions, not-for-profits, business, health, civic, faith and philanthropic organizations. Together, Seeding Success and its partnership organizations are committed to a cradle-to-career continuum that supports children from birth through their establishment in a successful career.

Seeding Success focuses on four primary goals to measure its impact:

  • Ensuring that every child is prepared for success in school. The organization focuses on increasing kindergarten readiness, as well as improving third grade reading and middle school math proficiency.
  • Ensuring that every student is successful in school and graduates prepared for college, career, and success in life. Seeding Success works to increase the number of students who reach all ACT benchmarks, to increase high school graduation rates, to improve the college-access rates of community youth who have historically faced barriers to application and enrollment, and to increase college graduation rates.
  • Connecting every youth who is not in school with education, training, or employment opportunities. In the Memphis Metropolitan Area (MSA), approximately 30,000 young people (ages 16-24) are neither in school nor working. Seeding Success works to reconnect these youth with a path to post-secondary completion and/or employment.
  • Ensuring that every young adult has access to a post-secondary opportunity or career. Seeding Success works to increase post-secondary attainment and completion.

To reach their goals and improve student outcomes, Seeding Success harnesses the power of collective impact, shared community vision, data-based decision making, and investment for sustainability.

Our Impact

To date, 15 Education Pioneers leaders have helped Seeding Success and its partners prepare Memphis and Shelby County students for success. Our leaders have:

  • Helped improve third-grade reading outcomes by helping Seeding Success partners identify programmatic areas of improvement and service gaps, as well as pinpoint bright spots through data analysis, process mapping, and documentation.
  • Developed a database to link community-based organizations to school district information about the participants they serve, building their capacity to orient program goals toward better education outcomes for kids.
  • Researched best practices for reengaging “opportunity youth” (youth who are neither in school or working) with school and employment opportunities and analyzed data to better understand the needs and barriers of the opportunity youth population.
  • Analyzed higher education partners’ institutional data to suggest program and process improvements to increase college completion rates.
  • And more.