Education Pioneers Teams with the American Institutes for Research to Examine our Impact on the Education Sector

To address the structural inequities that perpetuate the opportunity gap and affect low-income students and students of color, Education Pioneers is building a network of leaders and partners in education who can reimagine systems of schools nationwide.

As Education Pioneers (EP) has been building a leadership movement to transform public education for nearly 15 years, EP recently teamed with the American Institutes for Research (AIR) to examine our impact in the K-12 public education sector. We wanted to know:

  • Is EP meeting our mission to recruit, connect, and advance more diverse, transformative leaders into the education sector? And how have EP Fellows and Alumni persisted in the education sector as they grow their careers? See the infographic and read the report here >>
  • Does research support that school system leaders can make positive change all the way down to the classroom? What types of professionals develop into transformative leaders? Results coming soon.
  • Is the talent that EP places with our Partner organizations driving transformative change? Results coming soon.

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